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Young Carers Projects

Fun, friends, advice...

carer4parents’ story:
“I never had a chance to go out and socialise or go and do sports clubs etc It gave me the chance to do all of that. Like going on trips in the summer, gorge walking and canoeing, and then ones like african drum work shops and simple trips into town. It gave me the chance to do lots of stuff and meet other young carers. It made my life so much easier, like they gave me one-to-one work when things got really rough and my worker would take me out to pizza hut or whatever I wanted and it give me a chance to basically spill everything and get things off my chest and then my worker would offer me ways to help.”

Whatever you do to look after the person in your family who has an illness, disability or drug/alcohol problem, a Young Carers Project can offer you:

  • Fun! Evening clubs, weekends away, days out, holidays . . . . .
  • Someone who will listen when you need it and who is on your side.
  • Information and advice for the whole family. If the person you look after can find more help or benefits, that might mean more free time for you!
  • Choices. It’s their job to help you make choices, not to make them for you!

Most young carers' projects can be found by searching on the internet. If you’d like us to find out about a young carers project near where you live then just email the YCNet Team.