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House Rules

We want everyone to enjoy using the discussion boards and chat rooms. These rules are to help make sure everyone can enjoy themselves safely.

YCNet should be a supportive place for all young carers. Don't use language in a way that might upset or offend anybody. This means you can't use racist, sexist or bullying language, or be aggressive to other people. We also ask you not to discuss ways of harming yourself, such as self harm, suicide and extreme dieting, or encourage other people to do these things, as this can negatively affect other users. Remember that other YCNet users may be much younger or less confident than you.

Respect everyone's right to an opinion. It is okay to disagree with someone, but it's not okay to attack them.

Keep personal information personal. Never try to tell anyone:

  • your real name
  • where you live
  • your phone number
  • your email, messenger or personal website address

Remember: you can never know that someone on a website is who they appear to be. These rules are to keep you safe from the small number of adults out there who pretend to be young people.

YCNet is for young people aged 18 and under in the UK , who help to look after someone in their family who has an illness, disability, drug/alcohol addiction or mental health condition.
By registering with us, you are confirming that you are in this group.

All adults moderating this website are staff of Carers Trust and have been police checked. If you are an adult, please do not try to use our service - we have services for adult carers at www.carers.org.

If you try to break these rules in a chat session, we will remind you of the rules and may stop you from using the chat session or ban you from using the site.

If you try to post a message on our message boards that break these rules, we will edit it or may have to delete it. Unfortunately, we don't have a way of telling people why their message has not been posted.

Messages and chat posted by users on this site are in no way endorsed by Carers Trust.

Please report any abuse of our service or breaking of these rules immediately to youngcarers@carers.org . Get in touch with us whenever a message or something on a chat session worries you or makes you suspicious.

We welcome professionals or parents contacting us to find out more about our service and how it is kept safe for young people. If you require more information then please contact our team at youngcarers@carers.org.

If anyone who is not a young carer enters our chat room, then they will be asked to leave by the chat room moderators.

Where professionals wish to post onto the message boards this may only be done with the agreement of YCNet staff. Please contact us at youngcarers@carers.org. We will only post messages from professionals if we consider them to be of interest and benefit to our service users.

We'll try to help where we can, but we reserve the right not to publish things on our message boards.

Is this site confidential?

Normally, we keep any personal information you give us private and don't pass it on to anyone else. We wouldn't even think of trying to help you against your wishes unless we were very concerned about someone's safety. But if you tell us something which gives us a good reason to think that someone is at risk or in danger, we may have to tell another organisation about it to get help for that person.

We keep a confidential record of the questions and messages that are emailed to us and where we record any personal info that you decide to give us. This is to help us remember the people we get to know, and to provide a good service. Nothing is kept secret from you, and we will be happy to show you what information we have about you. These records are usually erased after one year.

What info does this site store about me?

This site logs your IP address automatically when you visit us. This site uses "cookies" for collecting user information. It does not collect any information about you except the information we need to run the site. If you register for our Newsletter, your information will be held on a secure server and it will not be shared with any other organisations. It will be used only to send you emails about the site.

By choosing to use this website you consent to these rules