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Sometimes adults think that children might be upset if they know about someone’s health problem, but it is often worse not knowing. It is important that you get the right info about your relative’s health problem.

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You could:

  • Ask the person with the problem. If they don’t want to talk about it, you could tell them how it feels not knowing.
  • Talk to the adults who look after the person. Doctors can answer questions about illnesses and disabilities.
  • Call your nearest Young Carers Project for info and advice or email your question to us.
  • Ask a youth worker or connexions worker  to help you find the info you want
  • Ring NHS Direct, (NHS 24 in Scotland) or Childline.
  • Visit Carers Direct. They have videos, carers stories and lots of useful info for young carers.

If you want to find out about an illness or other problem, click on the link that best describes it. If you can’t find it straight away, you could search for it or email us your question.