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Young carers chats

Missed a chat? Or just curious to see who our young carers have spoken to in the past? Following is an archive of young carers chats on YCNet:

Scroll through each of the links for details and to read what happened in the chat

  • Relaxation webchat, 2 April

    Laura, our relaxation expert joins us to share what you can do to keep those stress levels under control and make sure you can sleep and carry on with normal life
    Read the Chat here

  • Going to uni webchat, 8 July

    Terri, from Winchester University, works to support young carers to go into higher education was in our chatroom to answer all your questions
    Read the Chat here

  • Sexuality and relationships webchat

    Lucy, from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation joined us to answer questions on growing up, relationships and sexuality.
    Read the Chat here

  • Caring for someone with MS web chat, 13 May

    Sue, carers’ lead at MS Society, joined us in the chatroom to anser any questions you had on caring for someone with the condition.
    Read the Chat here

  • Relaxation webchat with Laura, 15 April

    Our relxation expert Laura, was in the chatroom to share tips and advice on how to keep stress and anxiety under control.
    Read the Chat here

  • Drugs and Alcohol chat with Swanswell

    Lucy, from the national drugs and alcohol charity Swanswell, as in our chatroom to asnwer your qwuestions on drink and drugs.
    Read the Chat here

  • Macmillan Cancer Support chat, 7th March 2013

    We had two members of staff from Macmillan Cancer Support here in our chatroom, to answer any questions you had, either about the illness itself or the different ways it can affect people or the treatment that might be used for it.
    Read the Chat here

  • Young carers webchat with Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Mona

    Worried about the mental health of the person you care for? Or do you yourself struggle with mental health issues? Mona joined us in the chatroom on 18th February to answer young carers’ questions.
    Read the Chat here
  • Young carers webchat with B-eat 26th November 2012

    An expert and a Young Ambassador from B-eat, the eating disorder charity, joined us in the chatroom for a discussion about body image and eating issues.
    Read the Chat here

  • Sexuality chat with Lucy from Lesbian Gay Foundation on 15th June 2012

    Confused about relationships with boys and girls, or being bullied about your sexuality?
    Read the sexuality chat

  • Chat with relaxation expert, Laura, on 2nd April 2012

    Stressed or feeling anxious? Laura shared some wonderful relaxation tips with young carers.
    Read the relaxation tips

  • Chat with Tim Loughton, MP on 21st March 2012

    Tim Loughton, MP is the Minister for Children in the Department of Education. He joined young carers in a live chat.
    Read the Tim Loughton MP chat