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School problems

How can teachers help me?

You could ask them to:

  • Give you extra time to hand work in when the person you are looking after is ill.
  • Let you use the school phone or your mobile to call the person you are looking after without having to explain why each time.
  • Go in to lunch early if you need to get home at lunchtime.
  • Do detentions inside school time so that you can get home to look after someone.
  • Help your parents get to parents’ evenings if they have trouble leaving the house.
  • Not ask you about your home life when other people are listening.
  • Give people lessons about disability, mental health problems or drug/ alcohol problems but don’t let other people in the class know about your home life.
  • Help you if you are getting bullied.

Why not tell them about the advice for teachers in our School Resource Pack? You could print out or email them our Teachers Action List. What to do if teachers won’t help.