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At School & College

School and college can be fun, but some young people have problems there, especially if they are struggling to look after someone at home while also trying to get their school work done. Find out what to do if you are getting bullied and how teachers can help you.

James’ Story

In this video James explains how he coped with being bullied at school. The video was made by Coventry Young Carers.

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Shona’s story:
“When my school first found out that i was a young carer they pulled me out of lesson and had like a little meeting with me about how they culd help best. They referred me to a room where i could go if i didn’t feel up to lessons. They also said that i didnt have to complete homework for the due date unless it was really important. They also let me have my phone on in lessons so i could be contacted if anything went wrong at home. I wish that i would of told my school earlier. I was referred to the school counsellor as well.”

More about how teachers can help

If you are over 16, you might want to go to our section on Moving On and getting a job when you are a carer.

If you are a teacher, you could visit our section for professionals.